6 tips for buying the best fast pitch softball bats

If you want to play well in fast pitch softball, owning a good bat must be necessary. That is especially important when you take part in the league. In the case, you really need the best bat for the beautiful games. There are a lot of famous brands you can find a quality bat, but it’s useless that you don’t know how to choose your suitable bat.

This is a fact that the best bats require hundreds of dollars and batters need them to support their skills while improving the team’s performance. Thus, you should put some effort on reading enough information to find a good bat. That is possible whether you play for fun or you’re professional players.

Because every player has different styles of play, manufacturers offer a variety of bats for several batters. Thus, you should carefully choose a right bat for league requirements. There are some main features you should consider to buy good gears such as length, weight, and budget. The following help you know how to pick the best fastpitch softball bat.

6 tips for buying the best fast pitch softball bats

1. Types of bats

You can see various bats in the market, but they are designed to two main types, one-piece bats, and two-piece bats.

  • The one-piece has the hand and barrel like one piece. That means it’s molded or curved to adjust the barrel and handle into one structural body. This bat is solid and suitable for the minimum flex.
  • The two-piece has two separate parts: the handle and the barrel. In the case, the handle can be made of the same or different material. This type offers the maximum trampoline effect.

Despite the different advantages, both types are popular in fast pitch softball.

2. Materials of bats

The material plays an important role for the bat’s weight, durability and effect on the match. Each type supports different advantages and disadvantages, even for the best fast pitch softball.

  • Composite bats: Their materials are fiber, graphite, and fiberglass. They are the most popular bats since the durability is over than other types. However, they’re restricted in many leagues.
  • Alloy bats: They’re made of aluminum and other metals so they are quite lightweight, attractive and durable. Most are the one-piece bats.
  • Hybrid bats: They are two-piece bats including an alloy barrel and a composite handle.

3. The length

There aren’t measurements to ensure how long the best fast pitch softball bats are. Thus, every batter chooses the suitable one depending on their hands. Before buying a bat, you should estimate the height you often hold the bat and your batting stance. Then, you can know which the bat’s length is suitable. The longer bat will make you lose the balance while the shorter can’t reach a pitch.

4. The weight

To choose the bat weight, you need to think of your playing style and the pitcher you will face regularly. Also, there aren’t techniques to determine the exact weight, and that depends on the batter.

  • The right bat makes you hold comfortably and help control your balance.
  • The heavier bat makes you swing hardly
  • The lighter makes the hands swing quickly

5. The drop

The fast pitch bat drop is a key when choosing the best bats and playing the beautiful match. It’s the difference between the weight (ounces) and the length (inches). For instance, the bat that longs 34 inches and weighs 24 ounces has the drop 10. The best fast pitch softball bats have the drop from 8 to 12.

6. The budget

Bats of several manufacturers have different prices. The reliable companies offer generally more expensive products but also high-quality ones. However, some cheap bats can also be the quality gears. When buying a bat, it’s necessary to consider your budget first. If you have a low budget, you should think of bats costing about $100. For the broad budget, you can choose items from famous brands.

If you want to make a wise choice, it’s necessary to do a careful research and browse reliable information of reviewers. You should also read advice from experts and other players so that you can know the main factors of your right bat.

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